I did not use the SST – Sport Tracker for sport but to ensure my daughter’s security! I used the SST – Sport Tracker which I was able to easily conceal in her teddy blanket. With this hidden and her carrying it with her, I was able to easily track where she was at all times.

Kobie showed me (very patiently) how it worked and how to track my daughter’s movements online. He geofenced areas I did not want my daughter near so that there would be an immediate panic alert if she should go there. He went out of his way to help and reassure me in a what was an incredibly stressful situation.

When there was a problem, or I did not understand the software he was available to help and sort it out. It’s a fantastic tracking device which I highly recommend for peace of mind.

Thank you Kobie!

2015/10/06 – I was privileged to be asked to use the SST on my recent European Cycling Campaign.

From the start the SST was very useful as family and friend could see where I was on my journey through France and Italy. This came in especially handy as I did not have roaming and very limited Wi-Fi access.The second big advantage was while training in foreign countries. As I would not be able to phone someone if I got lost, it was great to know that with the SST I could use the panic alert and someone would know where I was.

The SST performed very well while racing, staying in sync with the live stream feeds, even in very mountainous and tree dense areas.

The SST is very user friendly. It is small and light, easy to re-charge and simple to use. By having control of a username and password I could choose who was allowed to follow me, which adds to the safety feature of this unique product.

Thank you Kobie Jooste for the opportunity of using the SST. Here’s to many safe kilometres of training and racing!

2015/07/10 – This is just to say Thank You to Safe Sport Tracking for the sponsored unit I could use during 36one mountain bike race. It gave me such a peace of mind that people know where I am during the race, should something happen. When I got a side, wall cut my race support knew where I am and approximately when I will get to the support point where they could change my tyre. When I had to stop my race, my support could see where I am and where to pick me up. Testing the device gps before the race also gave my husband great peace of mind. When I had to go on a 150km training ride he always knew where I am. My panic button was just a click away. Luckily, I didn’t have to use it. Such a great versatile product. My rating would be 5 star and great personal customer service. Your friends can even see when you are racing where you are!

Arete Schoeman