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Safe Tracking started off in 2013 as Safe Sport Tracking after my son fell in the well-known Dome-to-Dome Road Cycling Race in the Cradle of Humankind, needless to say with our Blackberry phones at that time we were unable to locate him and had to track him through the route to find him in bruises 5km’s from the end of the race. After months of searching and inquiries I could not find a suitable Live GPS Tracker that can be attached to him or his bicycle without damaging the bike itself.

My neighbour introduce me to a local company manufacturing Alarms & Security devices, and they had a solution … we had to make some adjustments and from there evolved the Asset and Safe Sport Tracking devices, suitable for and type of outdoor Sports Person, Security Guards, Vehicles, Personal Tracking … literally ANY “Asset” you need to Track LIVE.

Drones came into play around 2016 as a hobby that quickly evolved into a “Tracking” Tool, which is currently being used for Aerial Imaging, Agricultural Solutions, Building & Roof Inspections, Real Estate and Security … Again Tracking valuable assets.

Since September 2016 I was part in setting up a company in Southern Africa to assist Facilities Management Companies in managing their Assets with International accredited software, again the Drones were used as “Tools” to assist in Roof and Building Inspections whereby images are uploaded to the assets that being monitored.

On the 1st of April 2020 Safe Tracking (Pty) Ltd. evolved out of these Live Tracking Systems!